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What is a Wellness Recovery Action Plan® (WRAP®) and how do I use it?

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan®, or WRAP®, is an evidence based practice that is used world-wide by people who are dealing with mental health challenges as well as medical conditions. Diabetes, weight gain, pain management, addictions, smoking, and trauma are just some of the many life challenges that can benefit from WRAP. WRAP can also be used as a framework to guide relationships in peer support, recovery groups, agencies, and organizations.

WRAP is being used in schools, prisons, hospitals, and veterans’ facilities. It is used with people of all ages who want to attain the highest possible level of wellness. It was originally developed by a group of people who lived with mental health difficulties and were searching for ways to resolve their wellness issues. WRAP was their answer, and it can be used by anyone looking to develop a plan to manage a path to wellness.

WRAP involves listing your personal resources, your Wellness Tools, and then using those resources to develop an Action Plan to use in specific situations which you determine. WRAP is adaptable for any situation and can include a Crisis Plan or Advance Directive.

WRAP is for Life! – It is for everyone, anytime, and for any of life's challenges.

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WRAP for Life: Suicide Prevention

WRAP was developed in 1997.  Since that time hundreds of thousands of people have been in WRAP groups, used WRAP resources and developed their own personal WRAP.  In that time, many, many people have said to me "WRAP Gave me Back my Life and Saved My Life".  There is no way to tell how many lives have been saved by WRAP.  Even if it was only one life, all the effort that has been gone into making WRAP available to everyone would have been worth it.  WRAP gives people hope, even when they are in the midst of great despair.  At a time when they may be feeling that there is nothing that will help, WRAP reminds them that there is something they can do to feel better, even if it is just a little better.  

Suicide Prevention is on everyone's mind.  Everyone, agencies, organizations, foundations, individuals, all are trying to figure out what to do to prevent suicide.  Veterans, teens and older people are ending their lives.  On the other hand, people have told me over and over again that WRAP has literally "kept them alive".  

In WRAP for Life, my latest book and the most comprehensive book on the Wellness Recovery Action Plan, I have referred to ways that people have used WRAP to save their lives.  The book includes a WRAP prototype for Preventing Suicide.  This prototype is a collection of ideas from many of the people who have told me that WRAP saved their life.

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WRAP for Life - Available NOW!

WRAP for Life includes WRAP Adaptations

WRAP for Life was published this past August.  It is the most comprehensive book on the Wellness Recovery Action Plan.  It includes a special section that is totally new-WRAP prototypes that have been adapted for special needs including WRAP for Preventing Suicide, WRAP for becoming a non-smoker, WRAP for Weight loss, WRAP in the Criminal Justice System, WRAP for Clutter, WRAP for Issues Related to Aging and WRAP for Diabetes Management.  Each of these samples includes many, many suggestions that you can use when you are developing your WRAP, supporting someone else in developing their WRAP, when working with a WRAP group or for a follow-up WRAP or support group.
These specific topics were chosen because they are the ones that are requested most often, or people have been doing exemplary work in this area.  
"Mary Ellen, I was so excited when your book "WRAP for Life" arrived because I have all your books on WRAP and love them all! I must admit, though, that I did not expect to read much that I had not already read in your other books! How wrong I was! This book is going to be so useful to me when I rewrite my WRAP! I love the way that you tie in the Wellness Tools with the five key concepts, that you also are more specific about each Wellness Tool, giving specific examples everywhere. People could buy this new book of yours and start to write their Wellness Plans, or people who already have them, like myself, could learn so many new things! I love the WRAP Plans addressing specific issues and intend to try out the WRAP for Reducing Clutter and the WRAP for Weight Loss in the near future, when I become more well and organized about staying well, with my new Wellness Plan."  

Sandra Tait Orkney,Scotland

WRAP is for LIFE!

NOW On Sale!


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WRAP for Life Included in National Registry Listing for Evidence Based Programs and Practices

I am thrilled to announce that the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services National Registry for Evidence-based Programs and Practices has reviewed my latest book, WRAP for Life and is including it in the NREPP listing which you can view and download as a PDF here.


In these hard days when we are all feeling so intensely the devastation of suicide as we deal with the tragic loss of so many of our veterans, of our friends, family members and colleagues, and of the beloved Robin Williams, it is a bright spot to note that, in addition to listing WRAP for Life for use in addressing all kinds of life issues, NREPP is specifically acknowledging the use of WRAP in suicide prevention. It has added the following at the end of the Implementation section: 

As WRAP's application has broadened to address various health issues (e.g., diabetes, smoking cessation, weight loss), program materials now include action plans that reflect these applications, as well as the use of WRAP in suicide prevention.

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Replay the WRAP for Life Webinar

WRAP for Life Webinar recording Did you miss the webinar on Mary Ellen Copeland's new book, WRAP for Life? Click here to watch a video of the entire event. Hear Mary Ellen describe the book in detail and answer questions from the webinar attendees.




Mary Ellen Copeland and her staff cannot address personal mental health problems and issues. We care very much about your concerns but we must focus our efforts on education and resource development. For more information on how to get help for yourself or the people you are supporting, please use the resources on this website.

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